Author Giveaway – Secret #1: My greatest struggle during my childhood.

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Every now and then, I’ll have some Inspirational Historical Author Giveaways, and I’m excited that my first one is a favorite author of mine, I’ve read every one of her books and they are great reads.
By Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund
I was a PK.
And no PK isn’t texting lingo for Perfect Knitter or Parachuting Kick-boxer.
PK stands for Preacher’s Kid.
My dad was a Lutheran Pastor. And I grew up in the church. Not literally, of course. We usually lived in a parsonage, often one that was next door to the church. But my life centered around attending Sunday School and church, reading the Bible, and attending catechism classes.
Have you ever seen the movie Footloose?  Well, I ended up being a tad bit like the pastor’s rebellious daughter in Footloose. Just a tad. And only for a couple of years.
Yes, I went through a period of being a stupid moronic idiot.
And now that I have teens of my own, I realize exactly just how stupid and moronic I was, especially when it came to thinking I knew better than my wise and extremely loving parents.
Why oh why do teenagers think they’re smarter than their parents?
But I digress.
Granted, the pressure upon PK’s is high. They’re often held to more stringent standards than most kids. Often they get teased by schoolmates for being goodie-goodies—at least I did.
In hindsight, I wish I’d stayed strong during those difficult years of trying to find myself. But thankfully, I had parents who loved me through it all. And when I finally made it to the other side, I was a stronger person because of it.
I made my faith my own. I learned to love my parents more maturely. And I began to embrace my uniquenesses.
Being a PK was a special, unique, delightful gift. I can see that now. I only wish I could have seen it then.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in, instead of trying to be different than who we ARE, let us try to accept ourselves and embrace our uniquenesses.
How about you? What kind of kid were you growing up? What did your dad or mom do? Did you struggle with fitting in or did embrace your uniquenesses?


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