Christmas Love Through the Ages Collection

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Ready for the Christmas spirit? Light the Yule log, grab a snuggly blanket, and settle in for a collection of stories celebrating the season. This collection of festive tales honors our beloved traditions, reminds us of our moorings, and warms our hearts. Short stories and novellas take us
on a journey from 1868 to today. You’ll travel from Bethlehem with angel Gabriel to an airport in Colorado.
Listen by Lisa Bell
If you were the angel Gabriel, how would you get people to remember Jesus at Christmastime?
A Father’s Gift by Paula Peckham
A young man, anticipating the birth of his child, learns about love and sacrifice only a father can give.
The Rescued Christmas by Lena Nelson Dooley
Can a young woman trust God to turn her worst nightmare into a blessing?
Turtle Creek Christmas by Gail Kittleson
Finding a home means everything to an orphan girl, but discovering the joy of Christmas surpasses her wildest dreams.
A Divine Romance by Lena Nelson Dooley
A friend leads Jolene to Colorado and then to Jesus.
A Bookmobile Noel by Cleo Lampos
The difficulties of rural Illinois in the Great Depression are lessened by a novice librarian’s ingenuity.
Gold Mine Christmas by Gail Kittleson
Though we seek earthly fortune, genuine treasure remains a matter of the heart.
Blessings on the 38th Parallel by Cleo Lampos
Amid war-weary Korea in 1952, hope rekindles in the lives of a soldier and a MASH nurse.
A Christmas Hallelujah by Paula Peckham
In the aftermath of a canceled Christmas Eve flight, strangers become friends when presented with the chance to show selfless love to a fellow journeyer.