Fair Game by Carol Cox

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1893 – Illinois

Danger lurks amid the bright lights of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair–

Dinah Mayhew takes on more than just a new job at the Chicago World’s Fair…

Bent on reconnecting with her long-estranged father, Dinah sets off on the adventure of a lifetime when she begins working in the great exposition’s Administration Building.

After settling into her room at Mrs. Purvis’s boarding house, one of the first people she meets is Seth Howell, an intriguing young pastor with a ministry to Chicago’s poor.

When Dinah volunteers to help in his work, Seth isn’t convinced of her motives and resolves to keep his distance…but he finds Dinah’s dedication to the Bible study she teaches and her exuberant personality increasingly hard to ignore.

Dinah’s reunion with her father doesn’t go at all the way she planned. And things get even worse when her obnoxious cousin, Gladys, finds work in Chicago. At least Dinah has her work with Seth to give her a sense of purpose…as well as a good excuse to spend time away from her overbearing relative.

Matters take a sinister turn when Cousin Gladys starts looking for love in all the wrong places…and then suddenly disappears.

With Seth’s help, Dinah takes it upon herself to probe Gladys’s disappearance, finding herself drawn ever deeper into a cruel man’s dark secrets and putting their budding romance–and their very lives–at stake.