Loving Against All Odds by Lyn Cote

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1821 – Texas

From fashionable New Orleans society, Miss Della Mott is now bound for frontier Spanish Texas where anything might happen. At twenty-five and never interested in marriage, she is glad finally to be considered “on the shelf.” But her plans for independence in Louisiana have failed and now her very life may be in danger.

The panic of 1819 destroyed many fortunes, including Della’s stepfather’s plantation. When he hears of Stephen Austin’s agreement with Spain to allow angloamericanos to settle on free land in colonial Texas, the impulsive man packs up the family, slaves, and their remaining possessions in wagons, traveling north along the trading route to Texas. Della, the realist, knows she can’t depend on her inept, volatile stepfather. Who will provide the protection and guidance they will need to survive?

Quinn, son of an American scout and a Cherokee mother, is heading home to Texas. A horse-trader, he has failed in obtaining a thoroughbred colt in New Orleans. thwarting his plan to breed thoroughbred and mustangs. Along the way he meets with Della’s family. He is struck by her dignity and strength. But he has decided not to marry. Both his parents died before they reached forty. The frontier is too dangerous to start a family. And he is of mixed blood.

But he also recognizes that Della’s stepfather will lead them into disaster and perhaps death. He can’t ignore her need. And so begins their unspoken alliance into wild frontier Texas.

Unfortunately someone else’s twisted agenda will endanger them all.