Miss Trinity by Kit Morgan

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1889 – Oregon

An Inventor turned Mail-order Bride
A Professor hoping for love
And one little trip to Clear Creek…

Trinity Thorndyke had a brain. A good one. So why did men not like her? Just because she accidentally blew things up now and then with her experiments, didn’t mean she wasn’t fit for the marriage mart. But no man in Boston was interested, and with her uncle running off to California to get married himself, she’d be alone and in a pickle. Which meant there was only one thing to do. Become a mail-order bride and hope for the best.

Granville Peters thought he’d be happy with a bride that had all her teeth and could hold a decent conversation. What he got was a beauty with a brain! But was he good enough for her? He insisted they court and wanted to impress her, so Granville gave her what she wanted most. A trip to Clear Creek, Oregon to meet the famous Soap King, Gilbert Snow. Unfortunately, it was obvious she was more interested in meeting Mr. Snow than getting to know him. Was this a mistake? And what if Granville lost his heart, only to have her tell him she wasn’t interested? With her looks and brains, she could do anything in his eyes. Did he even have a chance with her? Find out as residents of two of Kit Morgan’s famous towns come together in this fun western romance!