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If you love reading about famous landmarks or the National Parks, Regina Scott’s series, the American Wonders Collection, will sweep you away to the grandeur and beauty of the wild outdoors. In the second title in the series, Nothing Short of Wondrous, Regina takes readers to Yellowstone, where they’ll enjoy a thrilling trek on the journey to love. Welcome to the Index, Regina!

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Nothing Short of Wondrous

It is 1886, and the government has given the US Cavalry control of Yellowstone. For widowed hotelier Kate Tremaine, the change is a welcome one. She knows every inch of her wilderness home like the back of her hand and wants to see it protected from poachers and vandals.

Refused a guide by Congress, Lieutenant William Prescott must enlist Kate’s aid to help him navigate the sprawling park and track down the troublemakers. But a secret from his past makes him wary of the tender feelings the capable and comely widow raises in him. When her 6-year-old son is kidnapped by a poacher who wants the boy to guide him to the place where the last of the Yellowstone bison congregate, Will and Kate must work together to rescue him, save the bison, and protect the park. In doing so, they may just find that two wounded hearts can share one powerful love when God is in control.

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Questions about Regina’s Story

What inspired your story?

The books in my American Wonders Collection are set in the history of our national parks. I started with the Grand Canyon last year in A Distance Too Grand. While I was researching for it, I stumbled across a mention that the U.S. Cavalry had been called out to protect Yellowstone National Park. Of course, I had to discover why! Nothing Short of Wondrous is set just after the Cavalry arrives and adventure ensues.

What character in your book turned out to be your favorite?

Besides innkeeper Kate Tremaine, my heroine, and Lieutenant William Prescott, my hero, I grew very fond of Kate’s young son Danny. There’s a boy about his age in my family, who asks millions of questions and moves at the speed of a hummingbird. Danny is all that, coupled with a curious nature and a loving heart. It’s no surprise he grows on the good lieutenant as much as he did on me.

Which scene (give us the chapter) is your favorite, the one you never tired of working with? Give us a reason to look forward to it.

The scene is in Chapter 17. Will Prescott didn’t have much of an opportunity to play when he was a child, so he wants to see Danny enjoy himself, and he’s becoming fond of Danny’s mother, Kate, so he wants her to enjoy herself too. Will’s taught Danny the rudiments of baseball, but there aren’t enough people around to play a game. When members of the Army Corps of Engineers visit the inn Kate manages, Will arranges a baseball game. And when they still fall a few players short, Kate joins in. Between the inn’s guests calling plays and rooting for each side and the soldiers unsure how to deal with a lady at the plate, the scene never fails to bring a smile to my face. I hope readers feel the same.


Questions about Regina’s Reading

What Christian Historical Novel in your To Be Read pile is begging you to make time to plop down with it right now?

Karen Witemeyer’s At Love’s Command, the first in her new Hanger’s Horsemen series. What can I say? I love strong heroines and noble heroes all wrapped up in a Texas setting.  

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