Wagon Train Promises by Linda Ford

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1880s – Traveling

The heart knows no bounds.

Louise promised her dying mother that she would become a nurse and do her best to relieve suffering of the ill and injured. She sets out on a wagon-train journey for the West where she will provide care to those in need in the untamed territory. Even if she wasn’t already considered beyond marriageable age, her goals allow no room for romance. Seeing the attraction between her traveling companion and Cecil, she goes out of her way to nurture that relationship.

Cecil has always done his best to hide his sorrow at losing his mother and then his grandparents. Instead, he focuses on helping others. He accompanies his father and brother on the wagon train. Once his family is safely across the country, he intends to start a new life without the sad memories of the past and with the love of someone who will hear his heart.

Stranded by a flooding river and forced to work together, Cecil is attracted to Louise’s quiet strength. He finds himself telling her things he’s never told anyone else. But she maintains a distance, reluctant to accept anything more than his friendship. However, his selflessness and warmth awaken feelings she never expected, disrupting not only her own plans but also interfering with her matchmaking efforts.

Can Cecil find a way to convince her that his heart is hers alone? And ultimately obtain the home and belonging he desires?

Dare she surrender to what her heart yearns for, or will she cling to her belief that Cecil and her friend belong together? Can she find a way to keep her promise to her mother, and still accept the sweet love blossoming between herself and Cecil?