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I love that this is a Fish out of Water story with a fisherman main character. How appropriate! Welcome, Danielle, to the Index!

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Confessions to a Stranger

She’s lost her future. He’s sacrificed his. Now they have a chance to reclaim it—together.

While fleeing for her life, Adaleigh Sirland’s rescue of a child introduces her to a family who provides her safe harbor. When her identity comes under threat of exposure, she must choose between running once more or helping the man who teaches her to hope again.

First mate David Martins is intrigued by the mysterious woman taken in by his grandmother, but she wrestles with a troubled past. When his estranged father is arrested for murder, can David put aside his own struggles in time to discern which secret threatens Adaleigh before it kills them both?

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Refuge for the Archaeologist


Questions about Danielle’s Story

What inspired this story?

My background is in Intercultural Communication, and one fascinating aspect of communication is about sharing personal information with another person, especially when that information is highly personal and the person a near stranger.

Is there anything in this book that is inspired by/modeled after something in your own life or someone you know in real life?

Yes. I wrote this book after a traumatic birthing experience. Writing became a place for me to wrestle with those emotions. Out of that, Adaleigh’s character was born.

Which scene is your favorite, the one you never tired of working with? Give us a reason to look forward to it.

When David finally takes Adaleigh out on a date, I mean boat, to go fishing. It turns magical and romantic … until, well, I won’t share all the details.

Did you include a real historical character or incident in your story?

Yes. In 1930, Memorial Day was always May 30, no matter what day of the week it fell on. It wasn’t until 1968 that it became set on the last Monday in May. Confessions to a Stranger begins on Memorial Day, which happens to be a Friday that year.


Questions about Danielle’s Reading

If your job was to sell one author’s historical fiction (besides your own) which author’s wares would you want to peddle? And which is your favorite by that author?

Roseanna M. White. She is probably my favorite historical romance author and four of her books have my top favorite heroes. I’d probably put them in this order:
Sheridan (To Treasure an Heiress)
Camden (On Wings of Devotion)
Brice (The Reluctant Duchess)
Thad (Whispers from the Shadows)


What was the last Christian Historical Novel whose characters stayed in your head days after you finished reading it?

No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer, and I loved that whole series.

no other will do

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